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OPTIONAL: Name your bikes to easily reference which bike you were riding in your training logs
You only need to do this if you ride more than one bike.

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Use this section to keep notes about about your riding or logs. Example: personal records, race results, patterns you observe, etc.


* Public or Private? Email addresses are NEVER displayed. To help benefit the cycling community, we suggest training logs be left PUBLIC. Public logs will be shown by User Name only. Your real name will not be shown unless you select to do so. Private logs require that you login with your password to view the training logs. As an alternative to private logs, Semi-Private logs display numerical data only along with username, gender, age, location, notes and other textual data are NOT displayed unless you are logged in.

Why go public? If users select public logs, here are some of the advantages:
  • Compare your stats with those of others. After we get more active users signed up we will add comparative stats to Public user accounts.
  • See fitness trends of other users and use to help benefit yourself
  • Get training ideas from other users
  • Learn from the mistakes of others
  • See how you can improve by looking at the tactics of others
  • See how much/little others ride/rest
  • Meet other riders in your area
  • Promote a fit/healthy cycling community

Log Type: Public
Public w/ Real Name
Semi-Private w/ Numerical Stats Only

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