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A totally free, easy to use training monitoring system. Unlike other cycling logs that just record the data, the EyeBike cycling logs will help to determine patterns of why you performed the way you did.

cycling logs screen shotEyeBike cycling logs help you to keep track of excerise & nutrition data and allow you to evaluate color-coded patterns in your overall cycling performance. You can even keep track of how you feel on the days you don't ride. By recognizing patterns, you can better plan for race day or the next big ride.

The EyeBike Cycling Logs have a unique feature called the "how I felt index". This is a subjective attempt to quantify the physiological experience/response to excerise in an attempt to discern patterns that lead to "great" days on the bike. By following and recognizing patterns in your performance you can better plan for race day or that big ride.

The cycling logs also alow you to track bike maintenance and maintain a maintenance log.

Free downloads of your cycling logs to CSV format (spreadsheet).

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Key Features
  • Free online access from anywhere with an intenet connection. No software to download or install.
  • Keep track of cycling/exercise performance, distance, ride time, excercise intensity, how you felt, heart rate average and maximum values.
  • Easily track other factors such as hours of sleep, resting heart rate (to help avoid overtraining), weight and blood pressure.
  • Add multiple rides to one day. Daily totals are automatically calculated.
  • Search all the text you enter into the logs. Search results show "How I felt" color chart. Let's say you do intervals, each time you do them you write "intervals" in the notes. You can then search for "intervals" and see all the days you did intervals at a glance along with which of those days you felt good and which not so good.
  • Automatic calculation of statistics including weekly, monthly, yearly and projected values.
  • See how much you've ridden in the last 7 days and the last 30 days.
  • Notice trends in performance to help plan for the race day or the big ride. Training logs are color coded and easy to read.
  • Enter your overall maximum and resting heart rates and the system will calculate what your heart rate should be in the various heart rate training zones 1 through 5. [example]
  • Correlate intensity or perceived exertion with Borg's 6-20 RPE scale of perceived exertion.
  • By estimating the intensity of each ride you will over time develop an internal scale to guage physical factors such as heart rate.
  • Leave notes about a ride or mark your calendar for an upcomping important date.
  • Keep track of all activities, not just cycling.
  • Track nutrition and corresponding performance.
  • Track bike maintenance.
  • Mark days as important and they will appear at the top of the page.
  • Leave notes in your account to help you remember important facts such as race results, time trial times, travel distance, course ride times, etc...
  • Keep track of rides on up to 5 different bikes.
  • Download logs in spreadsheet format.
  • Have ideas for more features? We'd like to hear from you

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Screen Shots
training logs screen shots
training logs screen shots
training logs screen shots

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